• I have always found Adam to be an excellent podiatrist

    Expert Biomechanical Assessment

    Mr Alan Rankin, Sports Medicine Consultant

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  • Forefront of the latest advances in Biomechanical analysis

    Knowledge and understanding

    Darren McMaster, Northern Ireland Senior Men's football Physiotherapist

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  • I didn't encounter any problems on the fairways!

    first class service- great stuff!

    Stephen Watson, BBC Sports Presenter

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Welcome to MultiSport Podiatry





MultiSport Podiatry is dedicated to the diagnosis, rehabilitation and prevention of lower limb sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Our practitioners currently work with international athletes, sports institutes and professional sporting teams. The same professional approach is extended to treat recreational athletes and active children or adolescents.

Our aim is to help individuals achieve their sporting goals and return from injury with confidence by using evidence based treatment programmes and the latest technology to aid assessment.  For appointments or enquiries, please click here.


Adam McIlwaine – Lead Podiatrist



About Us


Adam McIlwaine is the lead podiatrist BSc (Hons). PG.Cert Sports Biomech Med originally from Northern Ireland, he has a passion for seeing athletes of all levels return from injury at their best.

Previous experience includes being consulting podiatrist to Armagh GAA, Advanced Practitioner Podiatrist Ministry of Defence, Consultant podiatrist with Pure Running, educational presentation to elite athletes and fellow healthcare professionals on the subject of lower limb biomechanics and injuries.

Specialist interest areas include injury prevention in elite triathletes and runners.  Lower limb overuse injuries with a mechanical aetiology or cause and running technique correction.

Locally he is the consulting podiatrist to several sporting teams.


“The foot is the most marvellous of machines – and a work of art”
Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519)


One quarter of all the bones in the body are located in your feet, there are 66 joints 214 ligaments and 38 muscles and tendons. It is a complex mechanical structure which has to be shock absorbing at contact and then a rigid lever to push off at propulsion…

Sports Podiatry specialises in the diagnosis and management of lower limb injuries (hips down) associated with abnormal biomechanics or posture during walking, running or your chosen sport.

Our podiatrists use the latest technology and evidence based practice to treat injuries including:

  • Shin pain (Medial tibial stress syndrome)
  • Hip pain (trochanteric Bursitis)
  • Thigh pain (Illiotibial band friction syndrome)
  • Knee pain (anterior and patellofemoral pain)
  • Stress fractures or overuse injuries
  • Heel pain and arch pain (planar fasciopathy)
  • Achilles tendon injury. (Achilles Tendinopathy)
  • Running technique and training error




Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson

BBC Reporter

I was suffering regular problems with my feet, in particular my arches and couldn’t work out what the problem was. Thanks to mulit sport podiatry I got my problem sorted immediately with all different types of orthotics for dress shoes, casual shoes and importantly golf shoes. As I report at a lot of golf tournaments it was imperative I didn’t encounter any problems on the fairways! Thanks for the first class service – great stuff!

Alan Rankin

Alan Rankin

Sports & Exercise Medicine (Consultant)

I have always found Adam to be an excellent podiatrist who regularly provides expert biomechanical assessment for my clients. I have found him to be someone who is willing to explore every option for the athletes he works with and consider all diagnoses. Not only does he provide excellent orthotic devices, he will carefully assess the athletes running gait, advising and implementing changes that can make a great difference to treatment success.

Darren McMaster

Darren McMaster

Northern Ireland Senior Men's Football Physiotherapist

Adam works in conjunction with Physiotherapists to improve athletes mechanical and technical efficiency.

Adam's knowledge and evidence based grounding aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice this improving sporting performance and identify and reduce risk factors for sport-related injury. Adam has vast experience in the diagnosis and management of foot and ankle injuries in a number of sports. His knowledge and understanding of various sports is vital to allow athletes to return to what they do best in the fastest possible time.

Adam is always at the forefront of the latest advances in biomechanical analysis and evidence based interventions ensuring his clients receive the best advice through his ever evolving practice.

Dr Martin McConaghy

Dr Martin McConaghy

Ulster Sports Medicine Clinic

As a Sports Medicine Doctor, I often refer patients to Adam at Multisport Podiatry, for a specialist biomechanical assessment and treatment. Adam continually provides a rapid, comprehensive service. His expertise has assisted greatly in helping return our athletes to their sport.

Kerry O'Flaherty

Kerry O'Flaherty

International Steeplechase Athlete

I have been with Multisport Podiatry for 10 years now and I highly recommend the services they provide. Being an International Steeplechase athlete I can cover up to 75/80 miles per week. Having very flat arches has been a problem for me in the past and I have experienced many lower limb injuries. However with the support from Adam McIlwaine at MuliSport Podiatry my orthotics have kept many of these injuries at bay.

I use many different terrains for my training so Adam has developed different orthotics for me to use. Having a custom made pair especially for my spikes has made a huge difference and I don't even notice that they are there. Addressing my running mechanics has played a crucial part in maintaining an injury free season. With Adam’s support, I have been able to make slight changes to my running technique knowing that my fore foot running style was an element in my achilles flare-ups.

It's fantastic that I can get this service locally in Northern Ireland.

Michael Craig

Michael Craig

PSA Squash Professional

Following repeated Injuries to my foot I was referred to Multisport Podiatry. Adam worked through my season schedule making sure any treatments or changes didn't affect my tournament preparation. With a specific strengthening regime, change in footwear and my orthotics I have been able to achieve highly this season. With foot or ankle problems I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Biomechanics and Motion Analysis


Initial appointments include a comprehensive biomechanical Assessment and motion analysis to objectively quantify dynamic lower limb movement.  This can then be logged and a comparison made following treatment to improve alignment, technique, strength and efficiency.

Definition of biomechanics

Biomechanics is the study of the mechanics of a living body through the application of physics, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.

Motion Analysis

Contemplas professional motion analysis software is utilized to investigate dynamic lower limb function.  The software enables slow motion capture of walking, running, jumping and cycling technique whilst having the added advantage of being able to sync several videos to assess functional or alignment alterations when shoes orthotics or exercises are upgraded.


Orthotics used at Multisport Podiatry are custom-made insoles prescribed by a podiatrist to correct lower limb alignment or facilitate more efficient function.  They act as an interface between the foot and shoe to improve mechanics.

Custom-made orthotics are designed with the intended sporting pursuit in mind and are full-length to achieve optimal comfort and performance.

Our orthotic devices are manufactured by the excellent Epione Orthotics (www.epioneorthotics.co.uk) who produce both CAD-CAM and hand crafted, precise foot orthoses, based specifically on patient requirements, the podiatrists prescription and a plaster cast, foam box or 3D Scan of the feet. The result is a comfortable and functional orthotic that can be altered in the future, if need be, to adapt to different footwear or sporting pursuits.

The key design parameter is the individual prescription filled out by the podiatrist to match the athletes’ needs following in-depth biomechanical and motion analysis.

In many cases the aim is to control only a percentage of excessive motion to allow natural running mechanics.NB – Force plates or pressure analysis mats provide data on the pressure distribution under the foot.  However a 3-dimensional cast of the foot cannot be obtained


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